My personal philosophy is based on consistency, commitment, and, most importantly, compassion and kindness towards oneself and others

Classes will resume in January.

Location (map below): Jibasso Dance Studio, African Drumming, St Kilda


Nov 12 – Dec 3
•  06.30 – 08.00 PM

1hr30  •  4 weeks

These classes are open to all levels and are designed to keep the dance momentum going into the warm summer days!

Following the
DanceCraft®: Key of Diamonds format, we will be drilling archetypal Tribal Fusion sequences (the Short Phrases and Old School Movements as defined in the DanceCraft, format) strengthening our muscles, cleaning our technique, and challenging our minds and bodies with various finger cymbal patterns.



Choreography & Performance


Nov 16 – Dec 7

Saturdays  •  01.00 – 03.00 PM

2 hrs  •  4 weeks  •   4 participants

Dive deep into a 4 weeks-long choreography project under the name of Alwarda, and prepare for a performance at Flow: Episode 2.

This series includes learning an original Fusion Bellydance piece in a stimulating and dynamic setting, refining it together as a group and going through the process of choosing, purchasing and/or creating the costumes. Say hello to teamwork skills, a challenging choreography, laughs, sweats and outflowing creativity!

Accessible only to Intermediate/Advanced dancers.



1 – 2 participants  •  1 hr minimum


I also offer private lessons tailored to your needs. 
Get in touch by e-mail at with a description of what you would like to work on and your preferred dates and times.


A one week notice is recommended to give me enough time to prepare for the session and provide you with the most complete information and/or training possible.

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