My personal philosophy is based on consistency, commitment, and, most importantly, compassion and kindness towards oneself and others.

Location: Jibasso Dance Studio, African Drumming, St Kilda
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1 hr 30  •  6 weeks

Tuesdays  •  06.30 – 08.00 PM
Sep 24 – Oct 29


This series is designed to introduce Tribal Fusion Bellydance to Beginner dancers.


Archetypal movements, basic technique and finger cymbal patterns are broken down, with a focus on bringing awareness to and increasing control over the muscles that are commonly used in this danceform.



2 hrs  •  6 weeks
•  01.00 03.00 PM
Sep 28 – Nov 2


Expanding on the concepts introduced in the Beginners course, body parts, shapes, foot patterns and finger cymbals are layered in this 6 week series.


You will learn how to create sharp isolations and fluid movements driven predominantly by targeted muscle activation.

3 years of bellydance/tribal fusion experience is strongly advised.



2 hrs  •  4 weeks  •   3 participants

Saturdays  •  01.00 – 03.00 PM

Nov 16 – Dec 7

Dive deep into a 4 weeks-long choreography project under the name of Alwarda, and prepare for a performance at Flow: Episode 2.


This series will include learning an original Tribal Fusion piece in a stimulating and dynamic setting, refining it together as a group and going through the process of choosing, purchasing and/or creating the costumes. Say hello to teamwork skills, a challenging choreography, laughs, sweats and outflowing creativity!


Accessible only to Intermediate/Advanced dancers.



1 – 2 participants  •  1 hr minimum


I also offer private lessons tailored to your needs. 
Get in touch by e-mail at with a description of what you would like to work on and your preferred dates and times.


A one week notice is recommended to give me enough time to prepare for the session and provide you with the most complete information and/or training possible.

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