I've been a dancer for 25 years and a globetrotter since birth. Despite the transient nature of my life, dance and science were always a part of it.

My journey started with Ballet at the age of 4 in DR Congo and Lebanon, then Hip Hop and Jazz in Egypt. Even though I grew up in mostly Middle Eastern countries and am of Middle Eastern heritage, my first exposure to Fusion or any form of Bellydance class wasn't until my early 20's in France, where I had moved to pursue a higher education. I haven't looked back since. Today, I am based in Melbourne, Australia where I teach, perform and host one of the main Fusion Bellydance events, Flow.

Coming from a family of teachers and scientists, I spent well over a decade studying Math and Physics, culminating in me receiving my PhD in Fluid Dynamics in 2018 and becoming a teaching associate in academia in 2014. My ethos when it comes to dance is no different. I am a deeply committed dancer and student that seeks the highest and most well-rounded education, in the hope of providing the same to the community. I travel yearly to learn from top international dance artists in the genre and, as of November 2019, I am a certified teacher of Zoe Jakes’ accredited dance format, DanceCraft®.

I believe in movement quality and authenticity.

Inspired by the richness and the diversity of the world, my dance style is best described as a fusion of cultures based heavily on Fusion Bellydance. I have a passion for choreographing and for delivering unique and engaging performances as a solo artist. In 2019, I debuted the troupe choreography project Alwarda (the Arabic term for "The Rose"), under which a small number of dancers get together once a year and, in an outburst of creativity and a challenging amount of time, create a whole performance piece that I oversee with the aim of showcasing it at Flow and other similar events; all in a highly dynamic, supportive and fun environment.


As I continue to grow as a dancer and a human, my wish, past the desire and need for self-expression, is to contribute to this ever-evolving art form & community. 
I offer courses and workshops for Intermediate to Advanced dancers here in Melbourne based on the DanceCraft format. Head over to "courses" for more info!

​​​Photo by Infizzitive

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