Having spent most of her life growing up in Middle Eastern and European countries, Farah Yasmina has a rich and genuine understanding of the many cultural contexts of Belly Dance, and a deep respect for the tapestry of roots of the dance-form. Although not initiated into Fusion Belly Dance until her early 20s in France, Farah has over 25 years of experience in other styles of dance, including Ballet (which she learned in DR Congo and Lebanon), Hip-Hop and Jazz (which she learned in Egypt). Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Farah teaches and performs Belly Dance regularly, and produces one of Melbourne’s most anticipated annual Fusion dance shows, Flow. She is deeply committed to her own growth and development as a dancer, traveling internationally each year to train with high calibre dancers who she admires and respects, and maintaining a strong home practice in pursuit of strength, stamina, precise technique and creative vibrancy. Farah is also passionate about offering her students a rich and challenging learning experience, designed to support them in establishing a strong dance practice of their own in order to unlock their potential. Farah is inspired by the community of hard-working dancers she has come to know through her DanceCraft training, and is extremely excited to be able to share what she has learned with others.

Bellydance Schools/Teachers
  • DanceCraft® / Zoe Jakes (USA) (2017 – present)
    Key of Clubs: Teacher Training certified (2019)
    Key of Spades certified (2017)
    Key of Diamonds certified (2017)

  • Lakita (2016 – 2017)
    Melbourne, Australia​​

  • Navel Gazers Belly Dance (2014 – 2018) 
    Member of RedBelly Black Troupe
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Nadyka/Haza Aheli & Jessica Nadyka (2011 – 2013)
    Toulouse, France

Other Dance Training
  • Hip Hop (2001 – 2008)
    Samia Allouba (Cairo, Egypt)

  • Ballet (1994 – 2001)
    Studio Ballet Nicola - La Symphonie Des Arts (Kinshasa, Congo)
    Beirut, Lebanon

Workshops & Intensives
  • Tribal Massive™ (2019, Las Vegas): 48hrs of dance training with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, ​Jill Parker and Mira Betz

  • Suhaila Salimpour Intensive (2018, Melbourne)

  • Orchidaceae Dance Intensive: ODI First Love (2017, Lisbon)

  • Mat Jacob Workshops (2017, Melbourne)

  • Mardi Love Intensive (2016, Melbourne)

  • Rachel Brice Workshops (2015, Melbourne)

  • Personal Training (2018 – present)
    in2greatfitness (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Iyengar Yoga (2016 – 2017)
    Yoga Atma (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (2004 – 2008)
    Cairo, Egypt

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